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SKYMO Design, SKYMO LLC is a full featured motion and graphic design studio in Kansas City, MO. We feature small business assistance for all areas of media from logo design, animation, video, social media, audio, and Web. Contact us for your next project.

Welcome to the new home of BIERskins, a beverage related product line launched by SKYMO Design (SKYMO LLC) in 2016 as a way to connect with our cultural roots and the modern craft beer community.

"For BIERskins, it was natural connecting with our German/Irish roots and love for the traditional bier culture when we started embracing the craft beer community in a new way with BIERskins products that are well crafted, well designed, and enjoyable."

Our motto is to "set your drink apart" by using BIERskins products. We think your drink should stand out from the crowd of other cans and bottles at the party.

"In fact, BIERskins is becoming a culture of stylish beer enthusiasts everywhere, from an insulating beer wrap to Bavarian-styled lederhosen."

We hope you love BIERskins products as much as we do, but if not let us know below and we will make it right. We want you and your friends as part of the BIERskins culture.

Our products need happy homes - so let us know, good or bad we are listening.


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