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Videography or Photography Studio Project

Whether or not we bring the studio to you or you join us at our location, SKYMO has your next promotional production covered. Studio times need to be confirmed for availability before booking, but you can pay for your Studio services through this portal. 

These days we find that studio productions typically involve an online social campaign, for a business, band or charity. Since we provide a variety of studio work, simply choose the option or options below that most closely match your need. Here are some examples of the variety but don't miss the full Social Media Package if that is where you are going since you get the most bang for the buck!

  • Training video
  • Music video
  • YouTube Video
  • Social Media Vlog
  • Composite Image Photography
  • Green screen and VFX

What's included in the Studio Production price?


Our Prep Time, Set Up and Tear Down of Equipment, such as lights, background or green screen, and Travel up to 100 miles from Kansas City Missouri. Additional travel will be charged at the rate of 60 cents per mile. Basic video editing is included. Basic Editing covers what is minimally needed to deliver a finished video on a flash drive or uploaded to a shared drive. It may not include special fx, extensive titling, colorization or animation.

However, because it is assumed that a video production will include some of these extras we budget the effort to complete the extras, and if they take more than an extra day (8-10 hours) of editing, then we will charge an extra $100 per day of work. 

Subscription Services:

Subscriptions services provide our clients the ability to access assistance pretty much on demand each week. Services are on demand as needed, but usually limited to one primary item a week, as a guide. These services can include video editing, image editing, sound mixing or social media support.

We want to be your helping hand for all things media!

Subscription Payment Flexibility: The first month may be paid here and each recurring month or we can provide a PayPal invoice for each payment period. We are also flexible with payment, if you would prefer weekly or every two-week invoices.