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Subscription Services (Recurring)

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We want to be your helping hand for all things media!

Many of our clients are business professionals and are very savvy themselves with a camera and production quality. In today's marketing environment, keeping fresh content flowing to social media on a regular basis is a daunting task. We provide the helping hand to keep things rolling. If you shoot weekly vlogs or ads and just need us to edit and post them for you, that's what we do. We can provide graphic ads and photo help as well. If it has to do with media, video, sound, graphics, or motion graphics, we help you keep your audience engaged.

Subscription Services:

Subscriptions services provide our clients the ability to access assistance pretty much on demand each week. Services are on demand as needed, but usually limited to one primary item a week, as a guide. These services can include video editing, image editing, ad layout, sound mixing, website updates or social media support. It does not include studio time or live event camera coverage.

Pick a subscription from our common options:

Editing Subscription 

Includes the editing of pre-recorded video and subsequent related graphics. Assuming one main project deliverable a week on average, and related on-demand video or graphic assistance. Includes maintaining YouTube channel and playlist. Each video (20 mins or less) is treated as a single project. May be combined with a Web Subscription for $269/monthly.

Web Subscription 

Includes the editing and upkeep of an existing website. Assuming one main project deliverable a week, and related on-demand web assistance. Includes maintaining product list, customer subscriptions, and social media connections to site. Each maintenance/update request is treated as a single project. All Web hosting fees and site upgrades are covered by client. May be combined with an Editing Subscription for $269/monthly.

Social Subscription 

Includes the management and reporting of weekly social campaigns for a single Facebook page and Instagram budget, working to build a social following, drive sales and working with the customer to schedule and execute planned social ad posts. This does not include all customer posts on all channels, only paid ad campaigns and pre-arranged promotions posts.

Subscription Payment Flexibility: The first month may be paid here and each recurring month or we can provide a PayPal invoice for each payment period. We are also flexible with payment, if you would prefer weekly or every two-week invoices.